Who Are We?


Each of us reflects a different color. Each of us sees a different reality from a different angle. Just like crystals that catch the light and reflect mirrored colors and images, people and cultures reflect the lights that shine upon them in different & unique ways.

Now imagine if all those crystals, all those cultures, creative minds and endless exquisite expressions are put together in one treasure box that you can explore and savor… what a tempting notion!

Crystal Carnival had its beginnings in Paris in the summer of 2011 as Maya Alshabab’s a travel diary containing personal (often comic) reflections on life, love, and culture as well as a sizable number of personal interviews with designers and artists, and coverage of various events from around the world.

But the idea of this journal was soon developed into a dedicated online magazine by two close friends passionate for everything LIFE, TRAVEL, FASHION, & CULTURE!! Maya Al-Shabab, MA in literature and in Global Communications, and the editor of the magazine; & Saad Al-Swelem, a young Saudi socialite and entrepreneur based in Paris, who is the creative director of Crystal Carnival. Along with a group of talented writers and photographers across a number of countries and continents, we are dedicated to bringing our readers the freshest and funnest ‘Crystals’ the world has to offer!!


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