20. 12. 2012

Le Petit Moulin

Written by: Marion Megglé Coming to Paris ? There is one place you cannot miss (well, there are plenty of them, but let’s get focused !) : Le Petit Moulin ! In  the trendy neighborhood ‘Le Marais’,...

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23. 11. 2012

Valletta Suites

The Valletta Suites are a string of luxurious accommodations, richly situated in the old streets of Malta. This historical city’s  brings curiosity and culture and surprises with beauty, and the Valletta combines the...

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05. 11. 2012

Riad Enija: Moroccan Decadence

Written by: Marion Megglé There are things I write about because I appreciate their inherent creativity . There are things I write about because they are successful trends. And other things I write about...

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