20. 12. 2012

Le Petit Moulin

Written by: Marion Megglé Coming to Paris ? There is one place you cannot miss (well, there are plenty of them, but let’s get focused !) : Le Petit Moulin ! In  the trendy neighborhood ‘Le Marais’,...

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14. 12. 2012

J’ADORE the film | LE PARFUM

Dior perfumes, I’ve always managed to find a personal favourite among the extensive collection. The film “J’ADORE DIOR | LE PARFUM” reveals the secret behind their exceptionally enticing scents and the processes by...

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29. 11. 2012

Dior Gold Tattoo

Dior presents us this time with a new collection of accessories to be the center piece in our outfits. Dior always offers the most beautiful, colourful pieces, throbbing with fun and life, and...

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23. 11. 2012

Valletta Suites

The Valletta Suites are a string of luxurious accommodations, richly situated in the old streets of Malta. This historical city’s  brings curiosity and culture and surprises with beauty, and the Valletta combines the...

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19. 11. 2012

Nicolas Jobran

This is closer to a moodboard than it is to an article. A mashup of some of the most beautiful designs by Nicolas Jobran  – according to me. My favourite is the purple...

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16. 11. 2012


Mantù was inspired by famous author Virgilo, who once wrote: “Mantua me genuit”… The city of Mantova itself is a grand place of traditions, arts and architecture. And it is all these exquisite...

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13. 11. 2012

Young Turks

An extraordinary photo-shoot that combined the traditional and the post-modern, and faithfully reflected Turkey’s Easter-Western identity that is glazed into its history and landscape. The article appeared in V-magazine, dressed by Jane How,...

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09. 11. 2012

Shirin Nishat: Persian reflections

Fashion, cinema, photography … they’re all really manifestations of the same force of creativity and beauty. And this is what brings us to Shirin Nishat. An artist from Qazvin in north-western Iran, Shirin Nishat...

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05. 11. 2012

Riad Enija: Moroccan Decadence

Written by: Marion Megglé There are things I write about because I appreciate their inherent creativity. There are things I write about because they are successful trends. And other things I write about because...

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31. 10. 2012

Fashion Cult

Some iconic designer bags have gone beyond mere beauty and became undeniable symbols: of style, of status, and of the characters and events that stood behind them and inspired them. Today there are...

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