By Maya Alshabab.

How many times have you dreamt of a paradisiacal boutique where the dresses are feminine and soft, the styles are trendy, and the price tags are just right? Well, this mythical, treasure-box of a destination is now available thanks to Latifa Salman, the visionary and founder of Lati Fashion.

What we love most is the concept behind Lati, which consists of offering the guest a warm and welcoming atmosphere, spacious comfortable dressing rooms, and lots of beautiful dresses to choose from that are gorgeous to wear and surprisingly affordable. The cherry on top of this trendy cake is that Lati’s boutique is available not only onsite in Riyadh, but also online, and offers worldwide shipping!

We have chosen our favourite picks, which are part of the Fall 2014 collection. Bright colours and luxurious fabrics pave the way. You can browse other styles, and shop online at and follow the latest by Lati on the boutique’s Instagram account: lati_fashion.


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(Note: This article was originally published in 2014. Due to a server crash in 2018, it was deleted and reposted.)