Harpe Paris: Exclusive Interview

Crystal Carnival met with Marina Harpe, one of the founders of the French creator of haute couture clothing, and asked her about the clothes, and the joy of haute couture. Interview by Maya AlShabab.

CC: Define your brand to us is a few words. 

Harpe is a young brand, which is distinguished by its romantic, bohemian yet urban style. The main two designers are my mother, Françoise Harpe and I. We aim at bringing together two generations, two experiences and two fashion worlds together in one product. The essential thing that sets us apart as a brand is the quality of each piece, as well as the high exclusivity of each piece. If you wear something from Harpe you are wearing something very different from everyone else.

CC: So what would you set as the primary concept or theme that drives your brand’s designs?

I would say it is the particular attention we give to ‘morphology’, to the structure and shape of the body. That is to say we want the client to feel very close to her clothes. We want her to know that this piece is made with her in mind. This is why we have a special service on our online boutique to help clients in choosing pieces that suit them perfectly.

CC: So where are the pieces made?

At Harpe every single piece is ‘pampered’ in a way because of how much attention we pay to every single detail. All the items are made in Paris. The seamstresses give very particular attention to each piece, to its cut, assembly and production.

The fabrics are all made in Europe. As for the patterns, they are all made in Lyon, France which is a traditional center for pattern creation in French fashion history.

CC: Last but not least, how can we get our hands on Harpe collections? 

The collection is available exclusively online on our website at ” www.harpe-paris.com “.


To shop Harpe visit www.harpe-paris.com .


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(Note: This article was originally published in 2014. Due to a server crash in 2018, it was deleted and reposted.)