Houida Baridi: Flappers in Damascus


Houida Baridi is a Syrian fashion designer who initially began her road in fashion as an amateur when she was a student of English literature at Damascus University. Her first two shows in Syria were praised by both the media and the audience, and marked her launch into the fashion world.

After relocating to Dubai, UAE in 1997, Houida finally established her own fashion house. She has now turned into a professional especially after the several successful shows in Dubai, Beirut, Paris, as well as Rome.

In 2005, Houida was the official designers dressing the candidates for  Miss Italy, whereas usually an Italian designer would take the project.

Nicknamed “the Fancy castle designer” by media in the Middle East, Houida’s creations possess a royal touch that she has acquired from studying and integrating various cultures around the world. Her designs are distinguished by the colors she chooses, the textiles and her ability to balance luxury and comfort. And has become a regular stylist for many Arab and Non-Arab celebrities. She is also a regular consultant for many fashion shows around the Middle East.

In 2010 Houida earned an honorary Ph.D. degree for innovative creativity from the International Creativity Center, recognising her contributions to the development of the fashion world.

Her Collection “Flappers in Damascus” celebrates her ancient homeland, and brings out a glamorous array of colours, and Eastern designs crafted in luxurious textiles.

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Source: Houida Baridi