NS² by Nora Al Suwailem: Interview

Nora Al Suwailem talks about style, her new haute couture collection and her story with fashion.


NS² is a haute couture line and the brainchild of Nora Al Suwailem, a young vibrant socialite from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Al Suwailem’s love for fashion started in her childhood, and began to manifest when she used to “dress up” her friends and family for special occasions as a teen. It was only after a coincidental and spontaneous brush with designing that she decided to embark on an adventure, the decision to go with her dreams and create her own haute couture brand: NS².

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SC: Where does your passion for fashion come from?

NS: I remember being fascinated with the mix and play of colours and fabrics in my childhood. Growing up, I was always looking for ways to create something new by rearranging & mixing colours and pieces, and adding jewels and accessories.

I am fascinated by the luxurious, the extraordinary. Even in the most mundane details of clothes, I was always mesmerised by unusual details. For example, the Abaya is a daily garment for women here in the Kingdom (Saudi Arabia) and it is more often than not simple, yet I was never attracted by the plain & simple Abaya! I was always looking for something that makes me different, the usual and common in fashion does not interest me.

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SC: What was your starting point as a designer?

NS: The first time I remember ‘creating’ something was when I was in my teens. I had bought a beautiful designer dress, but wanted to add my own unique touch to it. I designed a pair of elbow-length dentelle (lace) gloves that turned out to be a hit! You can say that that little ‘fashion’ event had a big impact on me. I started noting down my style ideas, and sketched any design that I thought of. I didn’t know it then, but that was the beginning on the road that led me to create my own collection, NS² Couture.

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SC: What do you look at in a woman’s style, what attracts your attention?

NS: Everything! I admire a woman’s ability to take care of and coordinate the various parts of her style. Be it make-up, accessories, shoes, bags, and clothes …everything that constitutes her style. Even the way she carries herself.

For a woman to be beautiful I believe she must understand and accept her body, and know what and how to wear her clothes. It is also very important for her to understand her skin type and her colour palette.

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SC: What kind of pieces does your collection offer?

NS: The collection is mainly focused on providing haute couture dresses, in addition to some prêt-à-porter ensembles for women. A lot of attention was given to the fabrics, the details, and the stitching which was all done by hand of course. The haute couture pieces are all made to measure.

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