Le Petit Moulin

Written by: Marion Megglé

Coming to Paris ? There is one place you cannot miss (well, there are plenty of them, but let’s get focused !) : Le Petit Moulin !

In  the trendy neighborhood ‘Le Marais’, a district rich with historic buildings and inhabited by « bobo », a.k.a «bourgeois-bohèmes», trotting down the fashionable streets, a hôtel is hidden that will enchant your Parisian nights.


Recently launched in its new glamourous skin, Le Petit Moulin adjoins two traditional Parisian buildings, both dating back to the 17th century. It houses the oldest bakery in Paris, an officially designated historical monument, where it is said Victor Hugo used to buy his bread.

Street view of Le Petit Moulin
Street view of Le Petit Moulin

This hôtel combines both tradition and glamour. In addition to it history, this lovely place is renowned for the man who transformed it from an old nostalgic lady to the stylish, playful and elegant woman : the fashion designer Christian Lacroix.


Upon entering the building, you get the sense that Lacroix didn’t « take care » of the hôtel, but rather used his vigurous attention to detail and his bold fashion expressions to «dress  up» and «manicure» this beautiful  French model.

The concept of Le Petit Moulin is a production of distinct universes of style within its 17 rooms. And the result ? A hôtel that stands in its own right as a masterpiece of haute couture.







Fancy travelling from a rustic Paris to a monarchic Paris ?  Just fly from one room, exposing its original beams and displaying ancient farm chairs,  to another, covered with « toile de jouy », embelished with Lys flowers and gigant mirrors.



To apprehend the whole era of the hotel – a sort of various and valuable scrapbook of fabrics –  get lost in its labyrinth of corridors.  You’ll travel from one century to another, revolutionizing the very idea of travel itself. Le Petit Moulin is the place to discover life in the city of lights, offering you a fresh perspective at every turn.

(Source: Le Petit Moulin)