Riad Enija: Moroccan Decadence

Written by: Marion Megglé

There are things I write about because I appreciate their inherent creativity. There are things I write about because they are successful trends. And other things I write about because I love them! Riad Enija is a place I love. Get ready!

It’s luxury and extravagance made natural. A relaxing, pampering environment that is similar to getting your senses massaged!

The Calyana Room
The Gekko Room

Entering Riad Enija in Marrakech is akin to stumbling into Alice’s looking glass or breaking into Rudyard Kipling’s exotic universe.

This lush property that once belonged to a silk trader from Fés is contained within two adjoining Riad houses, each more than 280 years old, has all it takes to make you whisper « Moroccan decadence».

Twelve sensual rooms and two outstanding suites with Indian ceilings, French colonial brass beds and mosaïc columns. Two incredible courtyards, reminicent of an intimate space for peace amid a a jungle of luxury, nudging you towards relaxation and perhaps even creativity.

This was the idea that the Swedish architect Bjorn Conerdings and his Swiss designer wife, Ursula Haldimann, wanted for their hotel in Morocco: an oasis of peace and delight that would surprise by its mix of tradition and modernity, by its blend of Eastern and Western influences, and by the alliance between two universes, the gothic and minimalist.

The Lizard Suite
The Prince Suite
The Jazid suite

Riad Enija is not only a boutique hotel, it offers unique experiences in gastronomy lessons, hammams, spa and, most importantly, a glimpse into the world and lifestyle of ancient Arabic families.

(Source: Riad Enija)