Dina Jsr: When a Jewelry Specialist Designs Dresses

Dina Jsr started as a young driven imaginative girl who was driven by a fascination for sketching silhouettes, and creating looks and wardrobe makeovers for herself and her friends.

Dina studied a BA in jewelry design in London, she found that subject to be the most attractive, a true outlet for her creativity: ‘I was fascinated by the precision of handcraft. I felt I needed to occupy my hands, to use them creatively.’



8 years later, Dina makes her way to Lebanon where she nurtures her interest in fabrics and design, and studies at the Beirut branch of ESMOD: fashion design to pattern making. ‘Fashion and fashion design have always been in my mind,’ she says, ‘even when I was designing jewelry or sorting out paperwork. Creating gowns, and later my own collection, suddenly became obvious after witnessin

g the natural elegance and glamour of Lebanese soirees.’

Dina opens a workshop soon after in which, only 8 months later, her first collection emerges, which she says, ‘allows one to approach the inner feeling of fabulousness ‘.

Here dresses take our breath away, integrating delicious fabrics with a love of jewelry that combine to produce pieces more akin to art. Can you see traces of her passion for jewelry in her dresses?


Dina Jsr


Here are my favorites out of her last two  collections. Enjoy!

(Source: Dina Jsr)