Lalita Lebbaz

Lalita Lebbaz: beginnings

An artist of academic origins, Lalita Lebbaz first started as a doctoral researcher in Art and Cultural Studies in Paris before fully devoting herself to painting. Born in Germany and raised in Algiers, she moved to Paris as a student at the age of 22. After studying art and sculpture at the collège Alexandre Dumas, she focused on painting at the Université Paris-Sorbonne.

Lalita’s paintings are predominantly of the impressionistic school, marked by brushes of free colour taking over hard lines and contours. She seeks to communicate through her work, while simultaneously keeping the work open enough to be understood by the viewer as they please. This is the reason why she leaves most if not all of her paintings untitled, “I avoid using titles,” she says, “I fear I will constrain the audience’s understanding of what they are looking at. I prefer to let people be free to understand each painting as they wish.”



Emotions and inspiration:

Her work is always produced in a series of themed paintings. She explains: “When you produce a series in a work of art, it allows you to follow the development of a specific theme or idea. But also, there is the inspiration which is the motor behind it all. This inspiration tries to find routes to be expressed and exposed, and the series allows it to be expressed in various shapes, methods and facets.” In addition to inspiration, emotion drives her creativity: “Behind inspiration, we find emotion, which is the second motor that drives artistic expression. And one cannot go without the other.”

A spiritual journey:

Painting and spirituality go hand in hand for Lebbaz, who finds that creativity can spring from a moment of calm and clarity or other times from confusion and chaos. When she finds inspiration, she often isolates herself for days on end in her atelier. “For me painting is a spiritual search, things can change as we go deeper. But there’s always a connecting line that changes its form but not its essence.”

Lalita Lebbaz will be showcasing her paintings next at a private exposition in Paris this Spring.




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(Note: This article was originally published in 2015. Due to a server crash in 2018, it was deleted and reposted.)