Art Jewels: G. Kabirski

G. Kabirski brand offers designs created by German Kabirski, an “out of the box” designer bent on creating jewellery that is defined by being exceedingly unconventional and ‘rugged’. Above all, he seeks to create precious unique masterpieces that reflect both the harmony and the raw senses of nature.


Kabirski’s artistic sense skips conventional definitions of beautiful and ugly, exiting into a free space where experimentation and raw instincts rein. He draws on concepts from nature, instincts of the wild and overpowering forces of the sea and air above. His jewellery emerges as a reflection of those concepts and this intention.

Most importantly to its owner, Kabirski’s art “doesn’t try to make you form ideas, it merely reflects your own ideas and images. That’s why his work feels so personal. But to feel that, you need to be yourself. Not living according to someone else’s empty concepts, not getting used to common standards, not becoming another brick in the fashion industry wall. Kabirski’s jewellery is like a distorted mirror, the one true egoists and narcissists cannot take their eyes off.”




Kabirski “uses exotic wood (African, ebony, mahogany, snakewood), and plays with silver textures.” He “combines gems with everything, from silver, gold and wood to leather and reptile skeletons. The end result is quite far from traditional jewellery.” 

Source, and for more information, visit: GermanKabirski


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(Note: This article was originally published in 2015. Due to a server crash in 2018, it was deleted and reposted.)