Profile of Rana Salam of Mishmaoul

Before she established her fashion brand, Rana Salam started by establishing a personal signiture style that was unique only to her.

As a branding and graphic designer  from the Middle East, she is successful in that she combines her unique knowledge of Arabic language and culture into her work. Added to years of experince geographically and artistically, her style signiture emerged.

In 2008, she made a seamless transition, transfering and expressing her culture and style in unique beautiful pieces that she called «Mishmaoul », i.e. « Unbelievable ».

Rana had her first launch into the world of fashion in 2008, when she opened the door of her design studio to the public, then located in West London. It showcased home decor, kitchenware and accessories.

Two years later, her success led her to relocate to Lebanon, «to be closer to her inspiration» where she still goes on showcasing her designs, remaining ever-enchanting and suprising to her clients.

The designer plays on themes of traditional art, and cultural know-how’s and incorporates them into her designs, creating modern practical pieces that resonate deeply with Arab local cultures.


Rana continues to provide art direction and design consultation to brands, exhibitions and product, among other commercial activities.

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(Source: Mishmaoul & Rana Salam)