Limited Edition Square: Shop in a Gallery

Limited Edition Square is an art gallery, vintage shop, and fashion boutique located a minute’s walk away from the banks of the Canal St Martin in the heart of Paris. The concept behind Limited Edition Square revolves around creating a welcoming, warm space where customers can come to chat, hangout and shop. The retro atmosphere and Jazzy music create a comfy space where you can stroll rather than browse, among a variety of products and art objects that are constantly changing and shifting.  The shop is dedicated to the highest quality for the best prices, offering products that are all ‘Made in France.’


The shop hosts fashion and art events and offers a new theme and new collections every two months. The furniture, art and pieces in the shop are rearranged and renovated every month giving the feel of an ever-changing space. While some designers are permanent, others come and go depending on collections and seasons. The shop offers collections by categories: men’s, women’s, kids’, as well as designers specialized in silks, scarves and hats. The gallery only features pieces that are made of 100% natural materials. 


Limited Edition Square’s regular customers often drop-in not only to shop, but to hang out and enjoy the music, browse some art or photography, take a look at the latest themes on display, and enjoy the ‘flowing’ space, pieces and furniture that move and change constantly. 

Limited Edition Square is located at 3 Rue Eugène Varlin 75010 Paris, France. Browse the latest themes and get to know about upcoming events on the website: or Facebook page: 


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(Note: This article was originally published in 2014. Due to a server crash in 2018, it was deleted and reposted.)