01. 10. 2015

An Exclusive Interview with Yin Yoga Instructor Jo Ishiguro

Written by: Jessica Dameron Anyone who has ever gone to a yoga studio can relate to realizing that the word yoga encapsulates many, many different styles.  Although the word yoga is used very...

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20. 08. 2015

Summer chronicles 

La frigate de La Lafayette L’Hermione, an identical reproduction of the Lafayette fleet of ships makes its historical return to French coasts! The ship crosses the Atlantic for the first time since the...

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01. 02. 2014


Written by: Jessica Dameron  Since its doors opened last September, Big Apple Yoga has quickly become a sanctuary for residents of Paris.  The owner, Janelle Watters-Oliel, decided to open the studio after she...

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20. 12. 2012

Le Petit Moulin

Written by: Marion Megglé Coming to Paris ? There is one place you cannot miss (well, there are plenty of them, but let’s get focused !) : Le Petit Moulin ! In  the trendy neighborhood ‘Le Marais’,...

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23. 11. 2012

Valletta Suites

The Valletta Suites are a string of luxurious accommodations, richly situated in the old streets of Malta. This historical city’s  brings curiosity and culture and surprises with beauty, and the Valletta combines the...

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05. 11. 2012

Riad Enija: Moroccan Decadence

Written by: Marion Megglé There are things I write about because I appreciate their inherent creativity. There are things I write about because they are successful trends. And other things I write about because...

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15. 10. 2012

A Beiruti Scene | س: an exclusive interview with Céline Khairallah

Scene | س is a line of beautifully executed garments, accessories and home décor that mélange east and west, incorporating Beiruti expressions and heritage with modern minimalist designs. We conducted an exclusive interview...

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11. 10. 2012

DXB: Pop Fashion from Dubai

A pop-arty heritage-modernized store in Dubai, the DXB …. Gorgeous Arabesque designs and cute items at the DXB store, located at Art Dubai. Perfect to get those small items to decorate your office...

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08. 10. 2012

Profile of Rana Salam of Mishmaoul

Before she established her fashion brand, Rana Salam started by establishing a personal signiture style that was unique only to her. As a branding and graphic designer  from the Middle East, she is...

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