Lalla Essaydi “Female Photography”


Layla Essayed (Marrakech, 1956)  is a contemporary Moroccan painter and photographer. Many of her works explore expressions of female identity in photography, and through the tool of painting. She often plays on the representation of the female body, many times edging towards the mélange of female body and its environment. She paints calligraphy, uses henna and plays with patterns to create a sort of continuation between the body and inanimate objects, inviting the viewer to come into the work of art and interact with its many meanings. Through deliberate 19th century Orientalist imagery, she explores the female body and its many identities.


Harem #5, 2009


Calligraphy on Body


Bullet Revisited #22, 2012


Harem Revisited #36, 2012

Converging Territories #10

Converging Territories #10


Photos courtesy of Lalla Essaydi

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