The Fez Artist Gathering


The city of Fez has always been a renowned melting pot  of art, cultures, languages and ideas. The spiritual home of Leo Africanus, Ibn Khaldun and Ibn Battuta, the city has long been one of Morocco’s outstanding historical and architectural gems. The intercultural and inter-linguistic civilizations to be found in Fez is one of the most diverse and intriguing, and its location makes of it a natural meeting point between East and West, Europe and Africa.

The International Artist’s Gathering in Fez (7-9 January 2016) is an opportunity for local and international artists to expose their work, and explore each other’s work and build towards future collaborations. On another level, the gathering will create a platform to expose and discuss works of art with wider audiences around the world. The gathering will also create an opportunity for further cultural, artistic exchange. The participating artists include an impressive lineup of photographers, filmmakers, academics, arts, and musicians.

This gathering is the preparation stage for the larger International Art and Photography Festival, to be held in Spring 2016. To learn more about the International Artist’s Gathering, please visit: and keep updated on Facebook via their page, Fez gathering.

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