Summer chronicles 2015


“She sails like a bird!” : la frégate de La Lafayette returns to France for the first time since 1780 . 

L’Hermione, an identical reproduction of the Lafayette fleet of ships makes its historical return to French coasts! The ship crosses the Atlantic for the first time since the 18th century to arrive at the port of Brest, North of France in Bretagne.Itinéraire-L'Hermione

Historical ties between France and the United States:

The original fleet of ships were among ones sent by General Lafayette in 1780 to aid in the American war of Independence. Lafayette’s 18th century ‘freedom frigate’ fought with the American civil army against the British colonizing forces in the North America.

Marquis de Lafayette and George Washington

Marquis de Lafayette and George Washington at the home of Washington .

L'Hermione 2015 .

L’Hermione 2015 .



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Itinerary map:

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