Nasiba Hafiz: Interview

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Interview by Maya Alshabab.

Nasiba Hafiz is a Saudi designer based in Jeddah whose name has been emerging on the fashion scene during the past two years. A creative, vibrant designer whose pieces remind you of no one else! Crystal Carnival had the opportunity to interview Nasiba, and ask her about her inspirations, her journey in the world of fashion photography, and her future plans.


"Tropique, c'est chic!"

“Tropique, c’est chic!”

Looking through her archive of photoshoots and pin-up posters, you cannot help but feel curious. What inspires her? Where does she get her ideas and designs? Nasiba grew up in a particularly artistic, and serious academic home. Her father was involved in the publishing world, and her mother was a fashion enthusiast whose passion left Nasiba with a sizable amount of vintage to draw inspiration from! Growing up with brothers and sisters, she was also fortunate to be in an artistic atmosphere. She relates endless hours watching old Egyptian cinema, a tradition that would come to be the pillar of her second collection (2012).


'Tribal' Collection inspired by 1950's Egyptian Cinema.

‘Tribal’ Collection inspired by 1950’s Egyptian Cinema.

Nasiba completed her studies at the London College of Fashion specializing in Fashion Photography and Styling. She took her time before becoming a designer, working for nearly 10 years as a fashion photographer and stylist in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. Her first collection finally came in 2012, limited edition Kaftans launched for the Ramadan season.

In 2013 she launched her ‘Tribal Collection’, which was inspired by the glamor and allure of classic black and white Egyptian cinema. This allure of old 40’s and 50’s glamor would revisit in the following year in her ‘50’s Collection’. The ‘Polkadot’ 50’s collection (2014) was inspired by old Hollywood and more generally by 40’s and 50’s women’s fashion in the United States. Accentuated waists and flowing skirts added a flirty, classic and all round feminine touch to the pieces. This collection also introduced the very popular polka-dot designs.

The collection drew lots of attention with its pin-up ad campaign, featuring Nasiba herself as the cover girl.  Styled by Nour Kelani and shot by The Loft, the theme of the photographs successfully reflect what Nasiba Hafiz tries to communicate in her pieces: being flirty, feminine and fun.


1950’s Polka-dot Collection (2014)



1950’s Polka-dot Collection (2014)


1950’s Polka-dot Collection (2014)


1950’s Polka-dot Collection (2014)

Arriving in Paris in 2015, Nasiba shot her latest ‘Harajuku Collection’ , inspired by the famous beauty of Japanese nature, and the street styles of Japan’s popular fashion district. The pieces remind us of cherry blossoms and spring flowers. The kimono is featured prominently in the collection that is mostly comprised of young, fun designs. We also see lots of layering, poofy skirts and colorful tops. The photo-shoot was done in Paris in the Boho-chic streets of Le Marais in the city’s 10th arrondissement.



Harajuku 004

Harajuku 005

Harajuku 002

Harajuku 003

Harajuku 001

Harajuku 006

Nasiba Hafiz at the launch of the Harajuku Collection, March 2015.

Her upcoming collection, which is set for October/November 2015 is still under wraps, though Nasiba did tell us it will be inspired by Music !! We can’t wait to see what it could possibly be!

Nasiba Hafiz’s collections will soon be available on her upcoming website, . You can also buy her collections in Jeddah at “The Store” at ‘Home Grown Market’, as well as at ‘Sabine Boutique’. She will also be present in Riyadh during Saudi Design Week this year. Her collections are available in Kuwait at ‘Nass Boutique’.

You can follow Nasiba on Instagram at: Nasiba Hafiz.

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