Written by Jessica Dameron .

Since its opening in September 2013, Kôzy has quickly become a major contributor to the evolution of urban living.  It is, according to its co-founder Antoine Le Vu, an « expansion of home. »  Located on Avenue Bosquet in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, it truly merges city and home.

« Younger people are living in smaller apartments, and it can be difficult to meet with friends there, so we wanted to create a larger meeting space that is comfortable and friendly. » – Antoine Le Vu, co-founder, Kôzy.

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When walking into Kôzy, it becomes apparent how much work and love went into its creation.  The employees are very friendly, and the atmosphere of the café is, well, cozy.  The central location and calming atmosphere also makes it a great place to work.

Kôzy offers food choices for everyone. Their products are all hand-made and natural, like hot chocolate made from tablets of real cacao (52%-80% ) in a selection of flavors.  The coffee is made from a machine that Le Vu claims is the best in the world, and the shop offers innovative drink choices, such as a “long black” double espresso and “baby cappuccino.”  They also take the time to customize each drink: you can choose your kind of coffee bean and substitute soy milk for regular milk.  The café adapts well to the changing seasons; their iced coffee creations are a must for the summer months.   Foodwise they have everything from veggie chips to pastries.  During the day customers can choose from a variety of freshly made salads, fruit assortments, and sandwiches.  They also offer a selection of teas and other drinks.  Everything can either be eaten « sur place » or taken away.





Kôzy is the « salon urbain » for sharing good moments with friends.  Like them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/kozyparis for more information.

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