Qualia ” إدراك “


By Arwa Alotaibi.

Friends and good company among some beautiful art pieces are the elements you need to make an event successful. At Qualia “إدراك” an event showcasing the work of the contemporary Saudi artist Ayman Zedani, I came across some beautifully constructed art pieces which spoke to me in many ways.

The attendees of the events were as diverse and intriguing as the art itself, and one could meet many prominent names in the art and culture scenes.  One such person was Yousef AlShaikh ( Co-founder of Onqoud and a Member of Project Hawas) had come to browse Zedani’s collection, saying: ” I’ve known Ayman for a long time now, more than three to four years; so I knew him before he started exhibiting his work. He was still doing his work privately. I think he has come a very along way, and in a very short period. This is his first solo, he’s done I think three exhibitions before this one.The beautiful thing is that you can tell from each exhibition to the next that the actual depth of his work has increased exponentially. I’m very impressed by his progress and the development of his artistic expression.”

In an exclusive interview with the artist himself,  I asked Ayman Zedani about some of his art work and themes:

1- Why Qualia “ادراك”? And what was your inspiration?

Well as what Quaila stands for, the internal and subjective component of sense perceptions, arising from stimulation of the senses by phenomena, is what inspired me.


2- One of your pieces said Cocoon “شرنقة”. Why is that?

It represents the phases that we go through as humans. Seeking a big change, and a great transformation is what forces us to cocoon in order to be born again as more matured individuals.


3- One of my favorites was Together “معا”. I saw a reflection of myself, was that your intention?

It is based on something called dark matter, a mysterious matter that exists within the universe.


… below are a few of the many installations by Zedani at the exhibition …














… as well as interactive portraits of some attendees at the exhibition…




An incredibly interesting artist, and a provocative exhibition, you can keep up to date with Zedani’s work and see where his next installation will be by following him on his instagram account: Ayman Zedani



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