Pondichery Bomb


Pondichery Bomb is a French music band that is based in Paris. It will be performing a concert at the famous l’OPA de Bastille on the 5th of June. Crystal Carnival caught up with the guys after their rehearsal to talk to them about their music and inspiration. Interview by Maya AlShabab.


This is an exceptionally funny group of friends, musicians and song-writers, Pondichery Bomb had their beginnings in 2012 in Paris where they started performing.  However, before the band came together each one of the four members had a long history with music and musical influences. Prem, the lead singer, guitarist and song-writer moved to London and had his start there as a singer and performer at different gigs around the city. He moved to Paris in 2012, and met Laurent (bass player/singer), David (guitarist) and Alain (drums). The foursome have since been busy performing, playing their own music as well as their favourite covers all around the French capital. They mark their major influences in The Beatles, Oasis, and The Libertines. In addition, they named Queens of the Stone Age, The Velvet Underground, The Who, and The Jam among many other classical bands.

The band more often than not performs its own music. The subject of the songs often revolves around themes of youth, of ambition, of dreams coming true, of love in its endless cycles and motions. If all that sounds as attractive to you as it should, come down to l’OPA at Bastille this Thursday, 5th of June and watch the guys play. To learn more visit Pondicherry à l’OPA. And stay updated with the guys, their music and their performances by following them on their Facebook page at: Pondichery Bomb .

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