By Maya AlShabab.

Dubai based handbag brand FLASHBAG first appeared in 2012 in an array of summer-evoking colors. Following its first collection, the popular design and the labor of creativity launched again this time in glittery soirée hues and crocodile leather. The creative director Fahd El-Gammal had taken inspiration from geometrical shapes and proportions.

Fahd had previously experimented with the market of female fashion before arriving at the creation of FlashBag, which he labeled as “a natural development in the process of his creative evolution.”

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Fahd defines himself as a pragmatic designer first and foremost, and to him FlashBag was no different. Although he had followed his creative ideas, he was still very committed to a thorough study of the market as well as attempting to create something that satisfied a need present in the market. Soon after their creation, his bags were displayed at Galeries Lafayette (Dubai), in addition to Beymen (Cairo), Amuse (Cairo), Loft Fifty Nine (Alexandria), Edge Boutique (Kuwait) and at online boutiques such as  thehipster.com, aura-b.com & greaterthanfashion.com.

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FlashBag is available at: trovea.com.

To learn more about FlashBag visit the Facebook page at: Flash Bag

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