An Exclusive Interview With MICCI & MISHI’s Designer


By Cannes Swilton.


Once a upon a time a little girl from Saudi had her first love with fashion, but unlike any other girl, she lived through fashion and throve on her success. Mishael Alrajhi, a young Saudi designer & Owner of MICCI & MISHI brand, takes our readers into a journey of her own experience with fashion, and her passion for designing.

1- Who is Mishael Alrajhi?

Well the bare basics would be that I’m a 26-year-old fashion designer based in Riyadh. Fashion embraced me at an early age but I didn’t hug it back. Coming from a family of bankers, I initially went ahead and got my degree in Business Management. I guess I really couldn’t shake off the passion and in the end I just dove into it, got my fashion diploma from the Box Hill Institute in Australia through the Arts and Skills Institute. Flash forward to today, I have my own brand, MICCI & MISHI.


2- Where does the inspiration come from, and how did this love for fashion start ?

Everywhere and Anywhere. From the streets to the cosmos. Every girl has first love but then they move on, when I fell in love with fashion, I never recovered.


3- How would you define your designs, and what is your target?

Noveau Chic. Wearable Avant Garde. They’re high casual designs for people who’d like to be pristine with a little edge or those who crave an edgy look that isn’t over the top.


4- How do you see Mishi & Micci in 10 years, and where do you see it heading?

I’d love for Micci & Mishi to be a global brand. While the focus right now is High Casual ready to wear, I’d like to build a fashion house showcasing art pieces, couture while also diversifying into other style essentials for Men and Women.


5- Every creative person has some sort of ritual, what’s yours?

I space out. Literally. I face a whitewall, sip a cup of joe, surround myself with music and just get into my flow.


6- If you had the chance to design for an icon dead or alive, who would it be?

Micci-Princess Diana & Mishi-Michael Jackson Micci-Lupita Nyong’o & Mishi- Rihanna …and the list goes on.


7- Is there any special person you discuss your designs with?

When I was in the institute I would always consult my beloved teacher, Olga Kozlowska, she continues to mentor me to this day whenever I have ideas that I need advice with.


8- Any designers you look up to? and what designers/brands fascinate you by their designs?

I’m very committed to the idea of creating a unique vision of myself as a designer and a one-of-a-kind brand. However, I do admire some designers like Karl Lagerfeld, he is an icon after all.



To stay up to date with Mishael, follow her on Instagram at Mishael El-Rajhi, and check out her website: .


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