Look Of The Weekend

Look of the Weekend

By Arwa Alotaibi.

Look 1


This look is perfect for a night out with the girls! Whether you want to go dancing or maybe lounging, you will draw some attention. 1. A light lime colored Valentino dress with some details on the back like an opening and a little bow giving it that cute and adorable look. 2. These statement Jeffrey Campbell shoes with built in confetti, these shoes will definitely capture some eyes while walking down the street. 3. A huge colored rhinestone bracelet will do the trick, because you need that extra oomph with such a simple dress. 4. Finally, you need to tone it down with small pink earnings, because you already have a party going on on your feet and your wrist.


Look 2


Thinking about going for Brunch with your girls? Then this is the look for you. When you go out in the daytime you always need to wear light colored clothing to reflect the sunlight, and keep you from getting hot. 1. This very simple white dress from Kate Spade New York will be perfect for a Brunch day; you don’t even need to wear a necklace because it has this very feminine bow that you can tie at the back. 2. Put on a little color with this hot pink Kate Spade bag. 3. Statement heels are always a must; with these baby pink Valentino heels you’re going to look gorgeous. 4. Of course a girl can’t go out in the sun without her Tom Ford cat eye sunglasses. 5. Finally, you can add some small diamond earnings just so you won’t forget that sparkle.

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