Personal Narrative II (O.S., 2019)

ما أسهل الكتابة عن الغير والتنظير عن الماضي والمستقبل البعيدين . . . ولكن حالما تحضر النفس كما هي اليوم يبدأ جمودٌ رتيب بالتغلغل إلى قلمي . . . تفقد الكلمات قدرتها على التعبير عن […]

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Lalla Essaydi

Art reflects on various takes on the mundane. In addition, in the case of photographer Lalla Essaydi, art explores the relationship between context and identity. In this series of captivating photographs, the artist seems to […]

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Hadieh Shafie

The beauty and power of Hadieh Shafie’s art lie in its ability to shed new light on objects of our daily lives. Her work attempts to take the letters, words, and geometric patterns that surround […]

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Summer chronicles 

La frigate de La Lafayette L’Hermione, an identical reproduction of the Lafayette fleet of ships makes its historical return to French coasts! The ship crosses the Atlantic for the first time since the 18th century […]

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Lalita Lebbaz

Lalita Lebbaz: beginnings An artist of academic origins, Lalita Lebbaz first started as a doctoral researcher in Art and Cultural Studies in Paris before fully devoting herself to painting. Born in Germany and raised in […]

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Art Jewels: G. Kabirski

G. Kabirski brand offers designs created by German Kabirski, an “out of the box” designer bent on creating jewellery that is defined by being exceedingly unconventional and ‘rugged’. Above all, he seeks to create precious […]